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Good Person/Bad Person - ego/motives/the real me/you

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a "good person" but we are all just humans capable of good and bad deeds.  The way we do things, make decisions, how we feel and so forth is due in large part to how we categorize our environment and ourselves.  It plays big in how we deal altogether.  It's important therefore to be as aware as one can of how one characterizes people, things, events like one's situation, one's story, how one got to be where one is and how the others in one's life from one's spouse to the leader of our country and everyone in between got to be where they are and who they are.  If you are aware that you are putting someone in a box it takes away some of the box's strength if you get my drift.  You are then also aware that folks are roundish not square and don't really fit neatly into boxes no matter how much we'd like them to.  It sure would make our lives easier if we could accurately define ourselves, events and those a…